Current Events

The Future of Adventure Games

February 21, 2005

Guest speaker: Chad Kilgore

Howe Hall, 1304
8:00 PM
About Us

The ISU GameDev Club is a group which serves to bring together students and faculty interested in game development and design. We hold a weekly meeting every Thursday at 8 PM in Howe 1304, at which we cover concepts in game design and implementation, opportunities for game developers, and topics relevant to people wanting to work in the game industry. That's where we're at now; for those of you interested in history, we've also included a brief summary of the club history. If any of you past officers are reading this, we'd like your input as well, so please contact us if you'd like to relive some old memories.

An Abridged History of the ISU GameDev Club

Tough Times 2003-2004 School Year

Game development had never seemed so bleak. With all the original members either hired away to the real world or busy with graduate degrees, the club played to packed houses of five to seven people. Projects were nill, as attention was concentrated on ArtIS 409 instead. While the club continued to meet under President Evan Rothmayer and VP Andres Reinot (Evan well into an early case of senioritis leaving Andres to do all the "actual work"), and hopefully a few freshmen were assisted, the club seemed aimless and in danger of dissolving entirely.

-Evan Rothmayer

Validation At Last 2004 - 2005 School Year

The club began to gain steam in fall of 2004. With Andres Reinot as President and Evan Rothmayer as VP (and following the time honored tradition of making the VP do everything), the semester was organized in advance for the first time in the club's history. The year began with record-breaking attendance, with somewhere around thirty people at the second meeting. Expectations of coordinating the GameDev Club with ArtIS 409 promise impressive growth.

-Evan Rothmayer