Current Events

The Future of Adventure Games

February 21, 2005

Guest speaker: Chad Kilgore

Howe Hall, 1304
8:00 PM
Meeting: The Future of Adventure Gaming February 21, 2005

Despite a noticable lack of updates, the GameDev club is back with another in our continuing series of freakin' awesome meetings. This time, a guest speaker (Chad Kilgore) will talk about the Adventure game genre. To prepare for this meeting, we ask that all who plan to attend read the article posted on, as this will be the main focus of the discussion.

Chad has been leading development of the Grimm project for the past two years in the Game Development class here at ISU, and this should be an interesting talk for people of all backgrounds.Hope to see you there!

Meeting: Game Production January 20, 2005

Yes, that's right, we're back for another semester. And although the website has been... a little stagnant over the past semester, we've been doing some pretty cool stuff. And we promise, this semester will see more regular updates :-)

At this meeting, we will discuss different aspects of game production, including design documents and the importance of planning, API specifications, and the fundamentals of the art pipeline. See you there!

Meeting: Game Deconstruction September 16, 2004

Next meeting we will have a group discussion about game elements present in two classic video games: Super Mario Brothers, and Quake. The presentation is centered around audience interaction, and will attempt to get people thinking about what specific qualities make good games fun to play.

The Site is born! September 14, 2004

The new GameDev Club site is up and running! Although we couldn't get the XSLT backend we wanted (curse you, sourceforge!!!) we did slap all this together with CSS in about an hour. Comments are appreciated, just as soon as we fill in the Contact section. For the moment the actual content is basically missing, although we do have a link to the old site if you want some cool tutorials and stuff like that. Content should be up within a day or two.

Game Development at ISU September 9, 2004

This meeting will be a presentation on opportunities for game development at ISU with guest speaker Steven Herrnstadt. Steve will talk about his game development class ArtIS409 and other art classes useful to gaming; we will also have other students to discuss computer science classes applicable to gaming and to talk about the Game Developers Conference which is the event targeted by many projects in ArtIS 409.

Introductory Meeting September 2, 2004

The first meeting of the school year will be pretty low key -- we will show demos of games and graphics applications done by students here at ISU.